Carlos Santana and his band are going to once again take up residency in Las Vegas. This time it will be at the House of Blues, located in the Mandalay Bay Hotel. The show is titled 'An Intimate Evening With Santana: Greatest Hits Live -- Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Wow that's quite the kicks off May 2nd.

The first set of shows will run through June 3rd. Then they will take a little break for the summer and return for shows starting September 12th through the 23rd and again October 31st through November 11th. Tickets go on sale next Saturday March 3rd.

May is a great time to go to Vegas, so start planning your vacation now, and make sure to get you tickets to Santana's show. A portion of the ticket revenue is going to go to Santana's Milagro Foundation, and there will also be a contribution to the International House of Blues Foundation. So there you go, your fun vacation will also be a generous contribution to charity...I'm just trying to help you justify it.