As the temperature, humidity, and heat index (or as Ashli would way-too-properly say 'heat indices') all climb this week in Central Minnesota, we thought we'd share some simple, stupid tricks for staying cool, courtesy of the Daily Mail.

  1. Lick your wrists. (Yes, really.) Monkeys do it all the time to stay cool, and what's good for the monkeys is good for the gander, er, us.
  2. Eat hot salsa. Despite what you might think, hot, spicy foods actually cool you down. Guess the folks in Mexico know what they're doin'.
  3. Turn off yer TV. Plasma and LED TVs kick out a lot of heat. What? It's true.
  4. Keep your skin lotion in the fridge. When you apply, it will give you a nice chill. Jesse submitted this idea. There will be no further comments on this one.
  5. Drag your mattress onto the floor. In theory, heat rises -- so the closer you are to the floor the cooler you should be. You could also drink a lot of cold beer, and this will prevent you from getting hurt when you fall out of bed.
  6. Eat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. Someone way smarter than us says that there's higher water content in yogurt, thus helping cool your body more effectively.

Honestly, come to think of it; skip 1-6 and turn on the damn AC. Just sayin'...