The album 'Blue Jays' definitely has the essence of The Moody Blues sound and an album to produce with time as The Moody Blues were on hiatus between 1974 to 1976.John Lodge (bass/songwriter/vocalist) was a big part of this album teaming up with Justin Hayward, they both wrote and recorded 'Blue Jays' in 1975.

'Blue Jays' was a very successful album hitting #4 on the UK album chart and #16 on the US charts. They released two singles off this album, "Blue Guitar" (a non-album single) and "I Dreamed Last Night" both of which charted at #94 and #47 respectively on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

"Blue Guitar" was added to the album after it's first release on CD (1987). 'Blue Jays' is available on LP and CD.

'Blue Jays' original track list:

  1. "This Morning"
  2. "Remember me"
  3. "My Brother"
  4. "You"
  5. "Nights Winters Years"

Side Two:

  1. "Saved By The Music"
  2. "I Dreamed Last Night"
  3. "Who Are You Know"
  4. "Maybe"
  5. "When You Wake Up"

Attached is the video of the TV performance from 1975 with Justin Hayward and John Lodge performing, "Blue Guitar".