The casual fan indentifies Bruce Springsteen with his American roots rock and roll.

But us die hards know one for thing for sure: the man's got soul.

See him live, and the blues and Motown sound of his sixties youth inevitably will make an appearance.

Whether mixed into an extended version of one of his own classics or performed on it's own for the sheer joy of it, it'll be there.

And at the heart of it, Clarence Clemons saxophone.

Of course we recently lost The Big Man to a stroke. I doubt there will ever be another Sprinsgteen performance - ever - where there won't be some sort tribute to him.

Bruce held a tribute to him at New Jersey's Wonder Bar in Asbury Park last Sunday night.

Clarence's son Nick now fronts his own act and they performed along with "The Sensational Soul Cruisers" fronted by JT Bowen who was a part of Clarence's solo outfit in the 80's.

And eventually, The Boss hit the stage.