Apparently the pole position isn't just for the racing sport, but it also works if you're a stripper.

Oddly enough two strippers got themselves arrested at a Wisconsin strip club for fighting over a dollar tip, good grief.

According to the sheriff's report two strippers ages 19 and 23 were working the Silk Exotic strip club and began fighting on stage. A customer tried to tip one of the girls yet another claimed the dollar tip. I can see that, after all it's a hard earned 100 pennies laying on the stage.

Lucie Bluebird-Lexington,Flickr

The two punched each other, slapped one another, pulled hair all this while rolling around on the stage. It finally ended when some of the customers and other dancers separated them.

Oh, did I say one of the dancers was pregnant ? That just added gas to the fire right there which didn't help the issue.

The sheriff's department cited both girls for disorderly conduct which comes with that $250.00 fine, so there goes that dollar down the pole or maybe I should say tubes. (

What's the dumbest thing you've ever gotten into a fight about?