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Thin Lizzy To Return to Recording Studio
After a layoff of nearly 30 years, Thin Lizzy are currently working on a new studio album. Despite maintaining a steady touring schedule since reforming shortly after the 1986 death of original frontman and primary songwriter Phil Lynott, the Irish rockers have not released any new material since th…
AC/DC May have Finally Made up Their Minds
The members of AC/DC have made me feel like I've watching an ongoing game of ping-pong the last couple of months. They can't seem to make a decision about whether or not they will be getting back in the studio, but the most recent news makes it seems like the game is almost over.
AC/DC Says When We Can Expect Their New Album
For a band that began their career by putting out 12 albums in the first 15 years of their career, AC/DC have become almost invisible as a studio entity in the ensuing 22 years. Despite still having massive global appeal, they’ve only released three albums since 1990′s ‘T…

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