Wrecking Ball

Springsteen Opens Up ‘Wrecking Ball’ Tour Setlists
With a fifteen-piece incarnation of the E Street Band at his back, you could forgive Bruce Springsteen for keeping the set list simple. After all, nearly half of the current players onstage have never toured with the Boss. But just a few dates into his 2012 ‘Wrecking Ball’ tour…
Steve Van Zandt in ‘Lilyhammer’ [VIDEO]
Just this past weekend I discovered this show on Netflix, and it was so good I want to make sure you know 'Lilyhammer' exists. Who would have thought that after 'The Sopranos' Steve Van Zandt would be back to play a mobster so soon?
Bruce Springsteen Performs New Music on Fallon [VIDEO]
It's Bruce Springsteen week on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' and last night Bruce and the E Street Band kicked off the week with some new music. Springsteen's new album 'Wrecking Ball' hits store March 6th. The boss will be back on with Jimmy Fallon on Friday. Check ou…