A band that is totally astounding because when the band formed back in the late 60's they were already a supergroup.

Steve Marriott (Small Faces), Peter Frampton (The Herd), Greg Ridley (Spooky Tooth), and throw in the 17 year old drummer named Jerry Shirley and you have a super group.

The early version of the band did pretty well, I'm talking about 1968-1975) they produced eight studio albums that charted in both the U.S. and U.K.

An excellent 'live' band whose repertoire was primarily hard rock/blues rock, all seemed to jell for the audience.

Their various lineups throughout the 80's,90's ad 00's along with their later albums just weren't able match their early success.

Humble Pie performing "I Don't Need No Doctor" from 1971.