As a band 'The Babys' managed to survive from 1975-1981 and started off with a line-up that included John Waite (vocals), Wally Stocker (guitar), Tony Brock (drums), and Mike Corby(keyboard/guitar).

In 1978  The record company at the time gave Mike Corby his walking papers and brought in Jonathan Cain (Journey) and Ricky Phillips (bass).

The song, "Back on my feet Again" pretty much says it all just in the title itself:

I was so lonely until I met you

Told myself I'd get by without love

Drownin' my sorrows

Avoiding tomorrows

Kind of felt that I just had enough

You light up my face with your jokes and your smiles

And the way that you came here tonight

Don't know what you got

But I'm sure glad I found you

Could be wrong but it sure feels right

And here I am

I'm back on my feet again

(written by Frank  Musker, Dominic King and John Waite)

The album 'Union Jacks' was produced in 1979 and released in 1980 and the track list includes:

Back On My Feet Again

True Love True Confession

Midnight Rendezvous

Union Jack

In Your Eyes


Jesus, Are You There?

Turn Around In Tokyo

Love Is Just A Mystery