Father's Day is Sunday, so I got to thinking about the best piece of advice my dad ever gave me. 

The best piece of advice my dad ever gave me wasn't just one piece.

That old saying about how children learn what they live is very true in my case.

Growing up, Dad wasn't around a whole lot because he was a police officer. He had rotating shifts and sometimes I would only get to see him for a few hours a day. When he was around, I wanted to hang out with him. Even if that meant hanging around in the garage, "helping" him get ready for work, or running errands.

Today, I know how to check my oil, transmission fluid, and brake fluid. I know that it's "measure twice, cut once" and that my tiny little hands were good for reaching into tight places when he was working on the car. I loved helping him even if it meant handing him tools or getting all greasy.

Growing up and watching my dad, I also learned the value of a dollar, the importance of an honest day's work and what it means to have integrity. I also learned that if you rub some dirt on i, you'll be fine, not to let it ruin your day, he isn't made of money, money doesn't grow on trees and he doesn't pay to heat the outside.

Thanks, Dad.