When the album, "Shake It Up" came out in 1981 it was border line pop oriented.

It had it's share of hits and would guess to say that side one produced more for radio airplay than side two did.

Side one

1. "Since You're Gone" – 3:30

2. "Shake It Up" – 3:32

3. "I'm Not the One" – 4:12

4. "Victim of Love" – 4:24

5. "Cruiser" – 4:54

Side two

1. "A Dream Away" – 5:44

2. "This Could Be Love" – 4:26

3. "Think it Over" – 4:56

4. "Maybe Baby" – 5:04

Over all it's a pretty good album, I saw The Cars in concert and wasn't all that impressed but have always liked their music.

You may recall the song,"I'm Not The One" was featured in Billy Madison (Adam Sandler).

The band originated in Boston,Mass. and the original line-up hadRic Ocasek (lead singer and rhythm guitarist),  Benjamin Orr (lead singer and bassist) Elliot Easton(guitarist), Greg Hawkes (keyboardist) and David Robinson( drums).

Benjamin Orr passed away in 2000 of  Pancreatic Cancer.

The band broke up in 1988.