Yes as the title states I am still kicking myself to this date, let me tell you what happened.

When it comes to concerts I made the biggest mistake that one could make.

This was a birthday gift (September 28th) for me back in 1981, we (my wife at the time) just bought tickets,(only $11.50 a piece then) to go see The Moody Blues at the then St. Paul Civic Arena for their show coming up October 20th, 1981. Purchased the tickets at Dayton's back in the day.

So a weeks prior to the show, I'm listening to the radio jock (imagine that) talking about the show and gave the date etc.. because radio people are so dependable right (?) well we already had the tickets so didn't pay too much attention except to the DJ.


Arrgh, needless to say; he announced the wrong day and we showed up to the show the very next night. The Moody Blues had come and gone. I was so angry, I have kicked my self ever since. I thought something was up when we showed up for the show, if you remember then there was no parking and we thought well we can't be early. Took out the tickets and the show was the previous night.

You can only imagine what words came out of my mouth then.

Working here for 1037 The Loon, I made the mistake of telling Sloan (Afternoons 2-7p) and he has never let me forget it either. Thanks bud.

After all those years I did manage to see the guys and yes with Sloan of all people. The line-up had changed but Justin Hayward, Graeme Edge and John Lodge were there performing so wasn't all bad!