Formed in 1983, 'The Cult' reigns from England during the Post - Punk Era and didn't really have much of an impact in the United States until the late 1980's.

A young man with a powerful set of pipes emerges by the name of Ian Astbury and if you listen to him closely you'd think you were listening to Jim Morrison (Doors). Along with Billy Duffy (guitar) and Ian, they are the prime song-writers of the group.

A good sound with a pretty good line-up: Ian Astbury (vocals), Billy Duffy (guitar), Les Warner (drums) and Jamie Stewart (bass).

The bands third album, "Electric" was released in 1987 and produced by the well known Rick Rubin who had a gift of blending and smoothing out Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

The band has had many personnel changes yet Ian and Billy have stuck together like hand in glove. The band pretty much broke up in 1995 and re-emerged in 1999 with different players except Ian and Billy.

The album featured 11 songs:

"Wild Flower"

"Peace Dog"

"Lil' Devil"

"Aphrodisiac Jacket"

"Electric Ocean"

"Bad Fun"

"King Contrary Man"

"Love Removal Machine" (appears on ,'Guitar Hero - World Tour')

"Born to Be Wild"


"Memphis Hip Shake"

'Love Removal Machine" according to Ian Astbury in an interview about the song , "was like getting on your favorite motorcycle," adding: "I could sing about anything. That's just what came to me. Just the phrase came to mind. That's what it felt like, a love removal machine."

The song was originally produced for the album,"Peace" which was scrapped due to fact they were totally un-happy with it's sound. The chords C,D and G were the foundation of the song and ranked #47 on VH1's Top 100 Hard Rock songs.