U2's stage is being...um...staged at TCF Bank Stadium in preparation for their long-anticipated show. Check it out: 

U2 concert ticket holders (myself included) have been waiting a very long time for this day. The tickets were purchased November 21, 2009 in anticipation for the show June 27, 2010 and unfortunately, the U2 concert was canceled due to a back injury Bono suffered at a show in Europe about a month before they were to play here. Bono has now rehabbed and is ready to rock TCF Bank Stadium Saturday night for the first outdoor concert in the Twin Cities since the Eagles played the old Met Stadium in 1978.

The trucks have already rolled into town and are now setting up on the field. The University of Minnesota sports director says that they are anticipating 60 thousand people for the show, the largest single day crowd in the stadium's history. Granted, it has only been open for two years, but still. Officials with the City of Minneapolis are also cautioning concert goers that the Minneapolis Aquatennial will be coming to a conclusion with their always fantastic closing night fireworks display and both events will be coming to an end at about the same time. The fireworks display, by the way usually draws about 100 thousand people.

The Central Corridor Light Rail is currently under construction, so pretty much all of the streets around the U are closed off. Officials are urging concert goers to practice patience, arrive early, stay late; and carpool, walk, bike or use public transportation to get to the show.

They also understand that a lot of people aren't very familiar with the Stadium Village neighborhood. I grew up in the Twin Cities and even I get turned around when I get down there, but there is one convenient option that I think is pretty brilliant. The Minnesota State Fair people are being generous enough to allow U2 concert goers to use their parking lots and they will be running shuttles back and forth to hopefully ease the pain of driving in Twin Cities traffic.

All of that being said, I am looking forward to an awesome show. See you there!