As a founding member of the band Traffic, Dave Mason's new album 'Future's Past' will feature songs that may have a familiar sound.

Dave played guitar for Traffic and wrote and performed some of the songs you'll hear on the new album.

Dave states ,"Dear Mr. Fantasy" is a rewrite of sorts." A song originally penned by Jim Calpaldi, Steve Winwood and Chris Wood.

Expect a new take on the song, "World In Changes" from Dave's 1970 solo album 'Alone Together'. Dave mentions it's nothing like the original.

Dave does a cover of Robert Johnson's (Blues Legend) "Come On In My Kitchen" plus he features a new piece title, "That's Freedom."

CD Track List:

  • "Dear Mr. Fantasy"
  • "World In Changes"
  • "You Can All Join In"
  • "As Sad and As Deep As You"
  • "Good 2 U"
  • "El Toro (Spanish Blues)"
  • "Come On In My Kitchen"
  • "How Do I Get To Kitchen"
  • That's Freedom"

CD,LP out May 13th,2014

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Listen to "Dear Mr. Fantasy" :