If you want music so appropriate to the late 60's, early 70's then haven's LP titled ' Mixed Bag' is the perfect album for you, The album itself was released in 1967.

'Mixed Bag' LP, Wikipedia

'Mixed Bag' is a unique album in many ways it is a fantastic showcase of Richie's voice, his unique style of guitar strumming, his unique song interpretation of "Eleanor Rigby" (Lennon - McCartney) and "Just Like A Woman" (Bob Dylan) and his trademark of open - tuning.

He penned two songs on the LP, "Adam" and "Three Day Eternity", another unique factor is that he co -wrote "Handsome Johnny" with the actor Lou Gossett Jr.

'Mixed Bag' was Haven's third LP yet first on a major record label, (Verve). On the album there's was just enough ambiance of jazz that it actually charted on the jazz charts reaching #18, however; it didn't fair so well on the pop chart reaching #182 in the Top 200.

CD Track List:

  • "High Flyin' Bird"
  • "I Can't Make It Anymore"
  • "Morning, Morning"
  • "Adam"
  • "Follow"
  • "Three Day Eternity"
  • "Sandy"
  • "Handsome Johnny"
  • San Francisco Bay Blues"
  • "Just Like A Woman"
  • Eleanor Rigby"

'Mixed Bag' is available on CD, LP and MP3.

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Richie Haven's performing, "Handsome Johnny":