The Scorpions have been through many member changes but the glue to the band is the man who formed them in 1965 is Rudolf Schenker.

The band from Hannover,Germany has has many classic hits that include, "Rock You Like A Hurricane", "he Zoo", "No One Like You","Send Me an Angel" and "Still Loving You" which is our featured video.

They are ranked #46 all-time on VH1's Hard Rock list and have sold over 100 Million albums. Pretty good for a band that's been performing over 45 years now.

"Still Loving You" is a song about love and pain and hoping for another chance.

Rudolf stated in an interview, "I came up with the composition's melody and everything. It took about six years of trying to get the song somehow on the album. Matthias Jabs came in with the guitar part, and the feeling was immediately right, so Klaus (Meine) noticed it was right. Therefore, he wanted to write something very special. He told me about how one day he went out into the fields in the snow, and it was then that he came up with the lyrics. He came back home and threw them down, and here we are. It's a story about a love affair where they recognized it may be over, but let's try again. It's the old story; always the old story. I mean, what can we use? We can't reinvent the wheel. What we always do, is say something which has already been said many times, in our own way." (