Got to love the sound The Smithereens have brought to our ears. The band got it's name from the Yosemite Sam catchphrase, "Varmint, I'm a-gonna blow you to smithereens!"

The band formed in 1980 with the line up that includes Pat DiNizio (guitar/vocals), Mike Masaros (bass/vocals), Jim Babiak (guitar/vocals) and Dennis Diken (drums/percussion). In 2006 Mike left the band and they soon recruited Severo Jornacion (bass).

The band from New Jersey produced what was described as power pop and gained notoriety after 'Blood and Roses' came out.

The highest position a Smithereens album ever scored was when the album, '#11' peaked at 41 with ,"A Girl Like You" on the Billboard charts in 1990. The song was written for the 1989 film, ' Say Anything'. Pat,however; pulled the plug on from happening due the producer of the film wanted to makes changes to it.

The album, '11' songs:

"A Girl Like You"

"Blues Before and After"    

"Blue Period"

"Baby Be Good"

"Room Without a View"

"Yesterday Girl"

"Cut Flowers"

"William Wilson"

"Maria Elena"

"Kiss Your Tears Away"