Isn't it crazy when a celebrity passes away a lot of times they end up earning more money than when they were alive? I don't know, something just seems wrong about that - it's like, hey now that your dead, we actually care about what you've done and what you's just not right. But nonetheless it happens, and every year Forbes Magazine compiles a list of the top earning dead celebs - here's the run down. 

Elizabeth Taylor passed up Michael Jackson for the top spot on Forbes annual list. Taylor earned $210 million in the last year. The earnings came from the sale of her jewelery, art collection, and costumes. She had a Van Gogh piece go for $16 million - that's good business.

Michael Jackson came in second earning $145 million for his heirs. Elvis Presley was third with $55 million in earnings in the last year, Charles Schulz ('Peanuts' creator) and Bob Marley round out the top 5.