It's a well known fact that most celebrities HATE HATE HATE press junkets. That's the event where, just before a film's release, the stars of a movie sit down in a motel room and publicists parade every idiot in the local media through for interviews.

The reason they hate junkets, is that most of these interviewers are just losers from local radio stations who ask the celebs the same damn boring questions over and over... or worse yet, like this douche, somehow make the movie about themselves. They end up talking about how the movie affected them, instead of asking some inspired, or even relevant questions.

It's obvious from Bruce Willis' reaction to this guy that Bruno is tired of the lame milquetoast questions. I even cringe as I watch this guy talk about what HE likes about the movie.. and then has the nuts to quote one the actors in the film WHO HE ISN'T EVEN INTERVIEWING!

Here's a hint to current and would-be interviewers: don't make an interview about yourself, when you have Bruce Willis and Mary Louise-Parker in the room. Oh and don't make them hold fake mics with your stupid-ass logo on them, either. It's Bruce Willis, moron. He's already planning how he can snap your fingers off.

Watch as Bruno totally owns this radio douche.