We all know The Motor City Madman can be a little gruff in his old age. He's threatened the President, been investigated by the Secret Service and railed against Hillary Clinton in a tirade out at Halfway Jam. But dear god, we love him.

Maybe he's just the sort of crazy we all wish we could be.

But turn back the clocks to 1978 and his Scream Dream Tour. During a rare in-store appearance at a Great American Music in Bloomington, Ted sat down with then 18 year-old Brian Wolff, who helped produce a local late night music show for Channel 5 at the time. Ted is, as always, very confident in what he says. I've always been amazed at his grasp of the English language, and his ability to string amazingly coherent conversation together with mostly adjectives and verbs. Even if they do border on run-on sentences, there's a kind of poetry in his speech. As evidenced here.