I'm amazed as to the amount of "How To" videos are out there on YouTubes, I have used it to help me.

Here just recently the hard drive on my computer crashed so I had to get on the Internet to find another one which I did out in California. Keep in mind I'm not computer savvy at all. I Got a good deal so I ordered it and thought great how can I save some money replacing the old one. Someone said use YouTube. Genius.

When I bought the Laptop a couple years ago they didn't sent any discs with it so I had to re-order my Windows 7 as well from HP (Hewlett Packard) which didn't cost much and my Microsoft Home/Office package. I did have the Product keys so I was good there.

I get the hard drive and some companies wanted an arm and a leg to install the stuff and a friend of mine said, "try YouTube, they just about every video you can thing of when it comes to "How to" videos.

I only needed an instruction video to install the Hard Drive. Turns out I found a video and the procedure was simple to do it all. I did it on my own and it works like a charm.

Interact with the Morning Sideshow and let us know what you learned how to do from a YouTube video.