There's a countdown going on Led Zeppelin's Facebook page. What's it for? 


The Facebook countdown started on Saturday and it said "five", so I thought, "Is Led Zeppelin releasing a fifth untitled album?" So I checked back on Sunday and it said "four" and I thought, "That's weird because they already have a fourth untitled album." Now, today (Monday) it says "III" So I started Googleing around and stumbled upon an article that's claiming the band is counting down to the DVD release of their 2007 reunion concert at the O2 in London.


Peter Mench has been cryptically hinting all summer that some sort of Led Zeppelin project was in the works and the DVD may be it.

The one time show was to honor Ahmet Ertgun, who was the founder of Atlantic Records and brought the surviving members of the band back together. John Bonham's son Jason took over drumming duties for the night. Several million people all over the world clamored for tickets for the 18 thousand seat arena. Here's the set list for the show:

Good Times Bad Times, Ramble On, Black Dog, In My Time of Dying/Honey Bee (with Muddy Waters!), For Your Life, Trampled Underfoot, Nobody's Fault But Mine, No Quarter, Since I've Been Loving You, Dazed and Confused, Stairway to Heaven, The Song Remains the Same, Misty Mountain Hop, and Kashmir. They did two encores. The first was Whole Lotta Love and they officially closed out the show with Rock and Roll.

Fans have been waiting a long time for the DVD release and if you went by what Jimmy Page said, it sounded like it was never going to happen because of all of the mixing that needed to happen, so we've been waiting for five years and it looks like it's finally going to be ready.

Speculation is running rampant that the announcement will come this week that Led Zeppelin Live at the O2 will be ready in time for Christmas. And by "speculation" I mean what I hope will happen because it's been five years and the only thing that takes five years to be ready is an office building.