Yep. Intrepid rookie photographer Jimmy Olsen has been gender-swapped. How's that for a freakishly stupid thing to do? The proof is the photo above, showing Laurence Fishburne, who's playing Perry White (He's been race-swapped, by the way, but somehow it's not as bad as Jimmy getting turned into a transvestite) with actress Rebecca Bueller, who is identified on IMDB as Jenny, yes, Jenny Olsen. I mean WTF? Jimmy Olsen is Superman's BEST PAL, his major BFF, his BRO. Now what the hell is he supposed to do? Tell Jenny he just wants to be friends? Oh that'll go over great with Lois Lane. Great Caesar's Ghost! That's all we need is cat-fights and drama when we're trying to run a paper!

I swear to God, if they give Jenny Olsen the all powerful super-wrist watch that emits an emergency signal that only Superman can hear, I'm going to throw my half-eaten Kit-Kat at the screen.