It's hard enough to get started in the morning with coffee, let alone without it. I am addicted to having those first few cups to get the day started. Absolutely couldn't (and wouldn't want to) get along without it. Here are some tricks from Reddit if you're crazy enough to try to go without.

  • Immediately drink a glass of water.
  • Put your feet on the ground as soon as you hear the alarm.
  • Immediately take a shower (especially a cold shower).
  • Put the alarm clock on the other side of the room.
  • Don't do anything else in bed other than sleep or have sex.
  • Plan your breakfast the night before, and make sure it's something you like.
  • Eat an apple. It can work better than caffeine.
  • Do four or five minutes of basic exercise.

Wait a minute, on second thought, HAVE A CUP OF COFFEE!!