Yes... this does seem a bit crazy, doesn't it?  We all know, or at least MOST of us know that the earth is round.  But there is a growing number of people who believe that the earth is flat.  Still... in 2019... I'm shaking my head too.

Space satellites in orbits around the Earth Globe, 3D rendering.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

But in this little scenario, the person who is the "flat-earther" is not really the craziest one.  Here's why:

I mean, clearly, the guy who thinks that the earth is flat is nuts, there is no getting around that one.  BUT a case can definitely be made for the guy who "won" the $10,000 bet to be a bit on the crazy side as well.  First, did  you really think someone like that was going to pay up on the bet?  Secondly, you threaten to KILL the guy... AND his father if they don't pay up??


People are crazy... ALL kinds of people.

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