Since moving here, my insurance has gone up because St. Cloud & Waite Park are high on the list of some of the worst towns to drive, due to just plain bad drivers.

Don't hang your head low if you're from St. Cloud. Our neighbor, Waite Park is higher on the list than St. Cloud! As cool as it is to be in a fun college town, the kids that fill up St. Cloud are less experienced behind the wheel and attribute to the cause of accidents.

The top 5 consist of the following:

  1. Arden Hills - 1 accident per 24 people.
  2. Wayzata - 1 accident per 28 people.
  3. Waite Park - 1 accident per 34 people
  4. St. Cloud - 1 accident per 35 people.
  5. Minneapolis - Too many people to count, but 11,000 accidents each year.

See the full list here on the "Only In Your State" website.

Do me a favor. If you see me driving, wave 'hi', but keep your eyes on the road and hands back on the wheel. Lets try to get the heck off this list as soon as possible.