With the Super Bowl just days away, officials are cracking down on the local sex trade in the Atlanta area. Homeland security says that 33 people have been arrested yesterday (Wednesday) on sex trafficking charges. So far, four people have been recovered.


The Super Bowl trafficking investigators have been operating for four days and plan to continue through Super Bowl weekend. According to Homeland Security, 1600 victims were rescued from sex traffickers last year and 300 arrested.

Atlanta is considered one of the major sex trafficking hubs nationwide.  The sex trafficking business is at it's highest during major sporting events. Doesn't get much bigger than the Super Bowl.

Right now the authorities are searching for missing Atlanta area girls. Flyers are being passed out to hotels and so far 2 girls have been recognized as having visited a hotel in the past few days.

Hotels are putting special sex trafficking hotline information on the soap wrappers in the bathrooms.

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