I typically try to keep things light and humorous in my posts, but I stumbled onto an event today that I thought looked pretty important that deals with something scarily common – substance addiction. Substance addiction is no joke. It seems like every time I turn the news on I see the tragic story of some young kid who accidentally overdosed on something.

It’s definitely a Debbie downer. Fortunately for me, such tragedy has never befallen my immediate family, but I’ve seen other families suffer through the pain of addiction and loss. It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. Thankfully, there’s a local event that you can participate in to help raise money and awareness for addiction.

It’s the 3rd Annual Run/Walk For Recovery 5K - a fundraiser that focuses on building awareness of recovery services and demonstrating support for those impacted by substance use issues. All proceeds will go to the St. Cloud State University Recovery Community. The run will last from 10 am to 11:30 pm on April 28th, beginning at North Beaver Island Trailhead (St. Cloud.) You can register now for $35.

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