Money can certainly motivate some people to make bad decisions and sometimes these "bad decisions" can land you in the pokey for a long time. That's what it looks like will happen to these two.

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According to, last week while luggage was being transferred from an inbound flight from Los Angeles to a flight leaving from Ohio, a K9 detected narcotics in a bag. The tag on the luggage was traced to a 29-year-old man from Detroit, Michigan. Images

After obtaining a search warrant, officers searched the bag and found 25.6 pounds of cocaine inside. The man claimed he was paid thousands of dollars to bring the bag to Ohio and he claimed he didn't know there was cocaine in the bag. He claimed he was told there was a large amount of cash in the bag.

It became obvious to police that this wasn't the first time for this guy.  After checking his phone they found he had made several other trips from Los Angeles to Ohio. The man then alerted the officers that a woman would be flying in from Los Angeles with another suitcase.

A K9 sniffed out that bag, belonging to a 29-year-old woman, as it was being unloaded from the aircraft. She was held at the gate as officers obtained another search warrant and found almost 26 pounds of cocaine in her bag.

Both were arrested and charged with one count of importing controlled substance across state borders, as well as, one count of 1st degree aggravated controlled substance crime with aggravating factors.

Their first court appearance was last Friday.

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