It seems it's going to take some time to get the supply chains up to speed after pandemic shutdowns around the country. I think the hoarding of food is not quite as prevalent as in the past, but certain items can be difficult to find at times.

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The good news is that toilet paper is back in good supply. The bad news is that, in spite of the food supply chains, processing plants having problems, the food chain is pretty stable, considering.

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Depending on where you may live, some items are getting difficult to obtain at Costco stores across the nation.  Here are just 5 items that may be in short supply at our local Costco;


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Costco was one of the first chains to put a limit on beef products, but that hasn't really fixed the shortages.  Ground beef, beef loin and other beef products are, some days, difficult to find at Costco.


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I guess a lot more people are taking to baking more, as they are stuck at home and/or out of work. There has been a big increase in sales of flour, causing a shortage. However, you can still by the huge 50 pound bags. That's a lot of flour unless you're running a bakery.


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We've all heard about the processing plants around the country shutting down after coronavirus outbreaks.  Even though Costco operates it's own processing plants, they too have been hit with outbreaks. So, uncooked chicken and those delicious and cheap rotisserie chickens are not necessarily impossible to find but can be difficult.

Frozen meals

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"Frozen protein" meals have been in short supply since the pandemic started. it only makes sense that people would stock up on non perishable, easy to prepare frozen entrees.


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Much like chicken and beef, pork has had the coronavirus out breaks at processing plants around the country.  Because of this, many Costco stores are limiting the amount of port you can purchase per visit.

I can't help think about how spoiled we all were before this pandemic. We took so much for granted. Maybe this pandemic is just a big reset button on our culture.



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