I have to be partial to Purple Rain.  I get that there are so many great ones out there, but this one is near and dear to my heart.  And it actually comes in at number 2.  Not too shabby.

Super Fly Cover

The number one spot was claimed by Super Fly from 1972.  There is another version that came out last year.  Included in the top 10 is 2001: Space Odyssey.  This one kind of throws me a bit.  When I think of cool music, or music that I would like to hear while driving, or working, or just hanging out listening to music, the 2001: Space Odyssey soundtrack is not one that comes to mind.  It's not fun music at all... it's got a lot of kettle drums and instruments of the like.  Meh, not me.

Some of the others on the list are the soundtracks from the movie "Help" and "Pulp Fiction".  I have that one and it's pretty cool.  Not everything is stuff you would hear on the radio, but still pretty cool.


What's your favorite Soundtrack?

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