As much as I hate to say it... it's only a few weeks until the Minnesota State Fair comes at the end of August.  For me, it's sort of the unofficial end of Summer in Minnesota.  This summer has buzzed by so quickly, and I think it's partly because it seemed to start so late with the cold weather we had in May and June.

Adam Rozanas

But, here we are... and the fair has announced 53 new brews and beverages that will by at this year's fair.

The cool thing about this list is that they tell you exactly where everything is located while you are at the fair.  If you want to try something, you'll know exactly where to go to find it.

Some of the new drinks that you'll find are The Berry Manilow, Blood Orange Freewheeler, Cherry Passion Fruit Tart Ale, Cotton Candy Milkshake IPA, this is just to name a few, and there is a description included for each.

So, now there is ANOTHER reason to go to the fair, as if you need another reason.

Great Minnesota Get Together!  August 22- September 2nd (Labor Day).