This is another level of sick.  And yes, it was for the accused kidnapper/double murderer,- Jake-I Did It- Patterson.  He is the man accused of murdering Jayme Closs' parents and kidnapping Jayme.  His bond is set at 5 million dollars, and there was a GoFundMe page set up for him,.  WHAT???  Yes.  But guess what... it didn't last very long.  GoFundMe actually shut it down.  Smart.

The prisoner worries about criminal conduct being behind a lattice

However, there are several different accounts set up for Jayme Closs to help her and her extended family help cope with what has happened.  They are support accounts.  The judge set it at that amount knowing (hoping) that it would be something that is insurmountable and Patterson would remain in jail.  He did have his initial hearing which he attended via video.  He looks so calm and that is really disturbing all in itself.


This little girl is going to need so much love, support and therapy to continue in her life that has been changed forever.

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