So far this year we've just had a few nuisance snows and we can all be thankful we don't get those lake effect snows like the Buffalo, NY area got recently.

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Every once in awhile you will spot a vehicle with 2 feet of snow piled on it and barely a spot open for the driver to see out.  Well, according to the Minnesota State Patrol's Lt Eric Roeske, it's illegal.  “You’re required to have your front windshield and front side windows clear as to not obstruct vision in any way.”

It's not just a visibility problem. Snow and ice chunks flying off your can be a hazard to others on the road.   “Ice or any type of debris that comes off a vehicle could be considered an unsecured load. The law says that no vehicle shall be moved on a roadway, unless the load is securely covered to prevent any leaking, blowing, shifting, or dropping. Drivers should also be concerned about civil liability if they fail to take reasonable steps to remove snow and ice that result in property damage or injuries from a crash.” says Sgt. Neil Dickenson, Minnesota State Patrol.

So, it's best for safety's sake and your wallet to make a point to clean your car off good before getting on the road. It just takes a few minutes at most and will make your trip much easier, not to mention safer.

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