Kind of gives "Ghost of a Chance" a whole new meaning. According to an interview in the New York Post, a woman named Amethyst Realm says she has given up men to have sex with ghosts. Yeah, that's right, ghosts. As if we didn't have enough competition.


She claims she cheated on her fiance with a ghost and has since had supernatural affairs with at least 20 beings from beyond. By her account, her orgasms have been much better than those she's had with ordinary men.

She has now found true love with a ghost and the ghost has asked her to be his wife. She says when he proposed, he didn't get down on one knee because, get this, he has no knees. No knees but he has all his sexy time equipment?

The thirty year old woman said she met her fiance on a business trip to Australia.

Her friends and family apparently have embraced her decision to marry this ghost, which has no name, by the way.  She planning a big wedding. I'm guessing the groom's side of the church will appear bare. So, be careful you don't sit on anyone.


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