The good news is that air travel should pick up by summertime but there may be an added requirement to fly.  A passport, actually a vaccination passport to prove that you have been vaccinated.

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According to CBS travel editor, Peter Greenberg, vaccination passports will be the new standard in travel.

"It will be required," he said. "The real question is what technology will be available to create a universally acceptable and universally readable document that can’t be forged."

Development and designs of vaccination passports are being worked on around the world. Early models will probably be a physical passport but the goal is to make them digital eventually. Scientist and inventor, Isaac Daniel has developed two different versions, basic and international.

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The international passport will contain e-vaccine technology that will pretty much be an electronic version of your health records.  It will also contain information as to where and when you were vaccinated.

"They're gonna be asking for it at your point of departure and your point of entry," Greenberg said.  Pretty much the same places you have to give information and I.D. like ticket counters, borders and Customs.

As of now, there is no standard version of the vaccine passport that has been authorized. Countries and companies around the world are working to develop versions of a vaccine passport that will best suit their residents.


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