We all know that it's pretty cool to have an Amazon Echo.  "Alexa, play the Loon" and you can have that at any time.  Turn lights on and off, use as an alarm clock, or whatever you need, pretty much.

Now, there is something even cooler added.  Extra security.  You can set the device to have conversations at certain times of the day for a couple of minutes which makes it seem to any would be intruder to think someone is home, and awake.  Move on- potential burglar- bad person.


I almost think this is better than an alarm, like home security system.  I think you would also need it to set the lights to go on while the conversation is going on as well.  That is, if it's at night.  Who would be talking and having a normal conversation in the dark.  But the device can do that too.  Amazing.  I bet it's a ton cheaper than having a security system installed as well.  But, if you are going to be gone for an extended period of time... like on a family vacation or something, might be a good idea to have both as a safeguard.

Welcome to new technology that is really useful and makes things hopefully safer.

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