It's Amazon Prime day, and if you are that type of person that just waits to buy something so that you can get a swingin deal, now is your chance.  Generally.  I usually don't get anything or pay any attention to this type of sale thing.  I just really don't care.  But this time, I am checking to see if they have a regular pizza oven for sale at a great deal.


Guess what- they do!  I have been checking on them for about 6 months, and they are right around $80 for the one we would like to have.  I found one very similar for just $48, and since it's Amazon Prime day, shipping is free.  Awesome score!

Being the skeptic that I am, we will see if it's nice enough when it arrives later this week.  I'm hoping it's good.  It's not the same brand we were looking at, but still.  I hope I got a deal, and not just something for cheap.


What are you planning to do for Amazon Prime day?  45% of people don't care.  25% of people are going to see if they can find anything they like and the rest won't pay any attention to it.

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