What annoys you the most about your co-workers?  The first thing that comes to mind for me is when other people eat my food that I've left in the fridge.  Like, they may not know who's food it is, but they should know that it certainly isn't theirs, right?



Don't eat it!

Annoyed Man

The other thing is when you cook something in the microwave, it explodes, or you didn't cover it, and now there's a mess.  Now, you know that you did that.  You can see it when you take your food out of there.  You just decided not to clean it, and it's someone else's responsibility.  NO!  It's your problem.  Clean it out!  So those are my two big pet peeves.  That didn't even crack the top 10.  Well, I guess "leave a mess in the kitchen" is the 3rd on the list, that might qualify.

Here are the biggest offenders:

What's the thing that annoys you the most at work?




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