As I get older, I'm noticing more and more the mortality rate of people in show business that I feel like I grew up watching, listening to, and admiring become very clear.


I was looking at the "in mermoriam" portions of the end of year shows and I'm noticing how many of the people I didn't even realize had passed.  Before I used to think oh well, that's too bad.  Now it's more of a "What?!, Well that sucks".  Even though I didn't know any of these people personally, there is still that feeling of "knowing" them.  If you watched them daily or weekly depending on the show, or music you listened to, you tend to feel like you kind of know them.  Even though you may have never met them.

6th Annual "TV Land Awards" - Backstage And Audience

Penny Marshall passing away is really one of those people.  Watching her on Laverne and Shirley when I was a kid, then watching movies she directed such as Big with Tom Hanks and A League of Their Own- one of my favorites, just brings this home.  She was only 75.  Died from complications from diabetes.  Just a big reminder that we should all probably take better care of ourselves.

Cheers to a healthier new year!

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