My little dog is 16 years old.  I know that he is living on borrowed time, as we are with this cute little guy.  But one thing I absolutely can not stand is him tinkling all over the place.  It's worse when it's cold out.  He's always bee like that... it's just worse now that he's older.  He's only 10 pounds, so he gets cold very quickly.

PHOTO: laura Bradshaw

Yes, I realize that I have created a diva dog, but regardless, this is the situation that I am in.  He gets carried around (he can still walk), he gets soft comfy blankets and pillows to lay on, and he gets extra treats when he does his "business" in the right place... still.

But this tinkling... that is for the birds!!  So, I looked on Amazon and found some doggie diapers.  They came in a 5 pack, and were cute little colors, so I bought a pack.  At $24 for the whole pack, how could I go wrong?  Besides, the material used is water resistant and should do the trick.  Luckily, he seems to adapt to it with no issue.  Same with the sweaters and hoodies that I put him in every winter.  Remember, I did say he was a diva by my own doing.

Laura Bradshaw

Resorting to doggie diapers... is this too weird for words?