We're all quarantined.  And people seem to be cooking a lot more than they are used to... and sometimes what to make for dinner becomes kind of a pain.  You can order take-out.  And let's be honest- you should do that as much as you can, but you are still going to be making dinner, lunch, breakfast, snacks, etc.  And it's like you go to the cupboard, pantry, whatever to look for some inspiration.  Usually when I do that, I come up with nothing.  I have no imagination.

What types of foods should I buy?
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Then, I came upon this app.  Supercook.  You enter the ingredients that you already have in your pantry and it will give you some recipes that will work with those items.

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I'm not guaranteeing that you and your family will like everything, necessarily, but it's a start.  On the other hand, since you have these items, one would guess that you do like those things.  Just a thought. It's definitely worth a try.

Check it out.. let me know what you come up with.

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