This is horrible news.  But this is what around half of Minnesota Restaurants, Bars and some hotels are facing due to the restrictions. This is according to a recent survey.  We need to get this under control so that this does not become a reality.

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Last night, I was scrolling through Facebook and found that a favorite St. Cloud restaurant, Olde Brick House is temporarily closing until they can fully reopen.  This was the post on their page:

I understand that this is what they feel they need to do, but with that said, this is heartbreaking.  And I'm sure that they are not alone.  Another restaurant, that I'm not really familiar with, in Southern Minnesota is staying open, risking losing their license and facing fines, but staying the course so they don't have to permanently close.

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Understandably, employees and owners of the hospitality industry are making a plea for assistance from the state so they don't have to face permanent closure.

This is horrible for both the owners of the businesses that have had to lay off most of their employees and also of course, for the employees.  And now facing the fact that their jobs may not ever come back in some cases.

I'm not sure where the relief money would come from... but it seems that something needs to be done... and soon.

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