In this age of texting, and not talking... social media, smart phones, etc, are we losing the art of communication?  I mean, that IS a form of communication, but are we losing the actual face to face communication?  This is maybe an art form that people will shy away from almost completely.  Like people will feel super uncomfortable actually talking to someone rather than just texting, emailing, etc.

Clemens Bilan/Getty Images

Recently there was a survey taken and it showed that the average family will text 10, 384 times in a year.  That seems SUPER excessive.  But... let's break that down a bit.  The top 3 texts from parents to their kids were "I love you", "Where are you" and "When will you be home".  Those seem like legit texts that are totally ok to send.  And if your kid is somewhere that a phone is not easily heard, it might be easier to text, or at least more effective.


That brings me back to... are we losing the art of actual face to face communication?  I think it boils down to this... texts are sometimes necessary and a lot more convenient in today's world.  But, how about we all put down the phones at family meals and just talk to eachother.  How about that. It would at least be a start...