The question of "whos posters did you have up on your bedroom walls when you were growing up" comes up.  Most of my friends were into the hair bands of the time, or some pop princesses and divas, like Madonna or Debbie Gibson or even Tiffany.  Me- it was all Prince.  Several different versions of him as well.  And as luck would have it, back in the 80s when you purchased an album many times it would come with a poster.  That thing would immediately go on my wall.  Much to my parent's dismay. We had plaster walls and I would use a nail or something and then a great big hole would be the after affect. But whatever...

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So, right now I wish I was independently wealthy.  Some items from Prince are going on the auction block.  This auction is expected to include some pretty cool items.  One described as a "sleek guitar" that was made for him.  I'm guessing the white one that was the Prince "symbol" and also the white puffy shirt.  This is the one that he wore in the movie 'Purple Rain' in the end when he sang the title song.  Those are expected to get about $60 grand.  You can check out all of the items on the RR Auction website

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There are so many items on this auction.  Anything from signed items, to pieces of jewelry, there are shoes, clothing items. just general memorabilia.  Seriously, if I had the cash....


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