There are some people that we would call cheap, but are they actually just frugal?  My meaning of cheap can vary from someone not tipping, which I think is super important.  I have never worked in the service industry.  Ton of retail work, but not something where I would have to depend on tips.  BUT, I have had a bunch of roommates that worked in the service industry and tipping is a HUGE deal.

Tip jar with money

I have friends and I have seen other people go out and not tip.  You can't do that.  Their excuse?  I can't afford to tip.  Well, honey, then you can't afford to go out.  And when you go up and it's your turn to buy a round and you buy 3 drinks.  You tip 3 bucks.  Just my thing.  If you don't... that is being cheap.

Frugal- that's when you compare prices, buy generic instead of name brand, that kind of thing.  There are some things that you cannot scrimp on, however.  Number one- TOILET PAPER!  None of this one ply crud.  You wind up using twice as much and it feels like sandpaper.  Just sayin.  Buy the good stuff.

Are you cheap or frugal?

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