Will this be the year the Twins finally...FINALLY...snap their record-breaking playoff losing streak? Damnit, I hope so. The pitching's there, the hitting is getting hot at the right time, and FFS it's been 19 years! The losing streak is old enough to vote!

It's sure to be crazy on Tuesday, so here are some tips for you and me to survive what should be a streak-ending celebration!

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1) Eat Before the Game

Ballpark food is expensive (duh), so eat a meal before you get to Target Field. Save some room for that Twins Big Dog, but if you show up hungry you may find yourself eating reconnaissance nachos while wandering the concourse looking for what you want to have for dinner.


2) Make Room For Merch On Your Credit Card With the Lowest APR

It's effing expensive. I really want a City Connect jersey, but I'm not itching for the hit to my credit score by purchasing one.

You can often get deals online. Or: don't get too fat for your previous Twins wardrobe like I did. The pic at the top of this article? That was taken in 2016, and I absolutely do NOT fit into that shirt anymore. The Twins also learned to block "C H O A D" from customizing options, so that's disappointing...



3) Dress For the Weather

So far, the forecast for Tuesday in Minneapolis includes isolated thunderstorms with a high in the low 80s. Typical. Shorts and a cheap rain parka? MN AF.


4) Get There Early

I hate standing in lines, but it's worse when you're in line and can hear the game being played.


5) Have Fun!

The streak might break its own record, or it may be broken. Enjoy the playoff atmosphere, October baseball in Minnesota (without snow!), and Go Twins*!



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