Can we do this?  The short answer is yes, yes we can.  But, as you probably would expect, there will be some restrictions put in place.  And as to how many fans?  That is up for debate as well.


Right now, there is a proposal on the table to allow 10,000 fans for the season opener. That is about a quarter the amount of people that Target Field can accommodate.  The hope is that throughout the season, that more and more fans will be allowed into the stadium.  Just start off with the ten thousand with social distancing and other COVID protocols, then move up to more fans as people continue to be vaccinated and hopefully the positive cases continue to decline.

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Governor Walz said he is not ready to commit to having fans in the stands for the opener which is April 8th.  But he said that he is optimistic that we will be able to have some sort of picture of having fans in the stands.

There is the idea that tickets would be sold in groups with seats roped off in order to allow for social distancing.  Masks would also be required.

Star Tribune had this statement from Gov. Walz:

Governor Walz is eager to get back to Target Field," said spokesman Teddy Tschann. "If Minnesotans continue to work hard to keep the virus under control while vaccinations ramp up, we're optimistic we can get fans back in the stands in some capacity this season."

We all know what last year looked like.  There were cardboard cutouts in the seats.  No one wants that again for this season.  It isn't just because we want to see the games in person, I mean, we do, but it's also for the revenue for the businesses around the stadium. There is the pre-game and post-game business.  Fans will gather at the bars and restaurants around the stadium.  Even if they don't have a ticket to the game, people will go there on game day and at least enjoy the atmosphere of game day.  If fans are not allowed, this revenue is in jeopardy again.  The thought is that we can't go through another season with that situation.

Hopefully they are able to make a decision on this within the next couple of weeks.

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