Correct answer: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Kudos to the nerds at Boston Dynamics for building this terrifying amazing achievement in technology. It's a bit (read: a LOT) unsettling to watch this thing correct itself as it stumbled through snowy terrain, not fall over when a man shoves it backwards with a hockey stick, and then keep walking after the box it was trying to move as the same man moves it around.

DON'T. ANGER. IT. !!!.

On top of the obvious fear of robotic takeover, a White House report states that robots will soon take over low-wage jobs ($20/hour and below) from meatbag humans. This video proves that it's closer than we think.

Better get started on that survival bunker.

That's...that's not gonna work, grandma. (Getty Images)
That's...that's not gonna work, grandma. (Getty Images)

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